• Pro Audio Boutique installs Turn-Key Recording System for Private North Carolina Recording Facility
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Pro Audio Boutique installs Turn-Key Recording System for Private North Carolina Recording Facility

I was happy to get a call from one our clients looking to upgrade their basement into the ultimate home recording facility.  The client wanted the convenience of a turnkey total recall DAW recording system.  But wanted a front end and outboard selection that would cover their recording needs and add character, warmth and vintage vibe to their recordings.  This was not going to be a commercial recording facility so having a tech close by or on staff was not an option for maintaining vintage gear.  So it made sense to go with brands that offered the vintage vibe and character but were more reliable (came with warranty) than their vintage counterparts.  We choose a nice combination from A Designs, BAE Audio, Cartec Audio, Empirical Labs and More.

The Recording System would be based around a Lynx Aurora 16 AD/DA Converter and Lynx AES16e PCIe Card.  The primary recording software would be Avid’s Pro Tools 10 Native software (Once again this was a private facility so going to Pro Tools HD 10 was something that would have been over-kill for the clients recording needs expressed upon our initial consultation).  Since the client was staying Native we made sure to get them the latest 12 Core Mac and installed some extra ram from OWC.

Everything is centrally connected around an Audio Accessories DB25 Patchbay.  We made custom DB-25 Snakes with a combination of Belden and Mogami wire.

Audio Accessories DB25 Patchbay

Custom Wiring and Patchbay Configuration

Installing Gear into custom Hardwood Racks

Below are photos from when we arrived at the spot and we were pretty much given a blank canvas to work with.  We were very humbled when the customer allowed us totally freedom to help them pick out, design and install their dream home recording system.  For more questions about this install or gear used.  Give us a call Toll-Free 1-888-573-8397 or Contact Us

We were lucky to given such a beautiful room to install the gear in

Equipment List Installed

Computer and Software

Apple Mac Pro 12 Core Two 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon

32GB of Ram from OWC

Avid Pro Tools 10 Native

Native Instruments Komplete 8

A/D D/A Converters

Lynx Aurora 16 Converter

Lynx AES16E PCIe express Card

Monitor Management

Presonus Central Station

Presonus HP-60 Headphone Amplifier


Dynaudio BM15a

Microphone Preamps

(2) BAE Audio Dual 1073MP

(1) BAE Audio Dual 312a

(1) A Designs Pacifica

(1) RME Audio ADI-8


(1) Cartec Audio EQP-1A

(2) Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor

(2) Empirical Labs Lil-Freq

(1) Universal Audio LA-2A


Peluso P-67 Tube Microphone

Peluso 2247 SE Tube Microphone

Peluso Cemc 6 Stereo Kit

Peluso R14 Ribbon Microphone

Audix D6

Audix I5

(2) Audix D4

Audix D2

(2) Audix ADX-51

(2) Shure SM57

Patchbay ,Cabling and Microphone Stands

Custom Belden and Mogami Snakes

Atlas Sound Microphone Stands


Studio Furniture

Custom Hardwood Racks (Mahogany)

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