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Equitech Balanced Power - Available at Pro Audio Boutique

We are extremely happy to carry Equitech Balanced Power systems.  Equitech is the pioneer of balanced AC power and used by some of the most respected, well known recording studios in the world.  Having Equitech Balanced Power in your studio is easier than you think with a variety of options to choose from.  When people think about adding something new to their studios.  Whether it may be a private, home or commercial recording facility.  The power of your studio is just as important as that boutique Tube microphone, preamp, compressor or A/D Converter.  It's just as important if not More important.  Having Equitech Balanced Power does not only help with the power of your studio but has a dramatic impact on your recordings and mixes as well.  Balanced power has an amazing impact on the headroom of your gear and the clarity of your playback.  We carry both the Equitech Model Q and Son of Q Rackmount Balanced Power Units.

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Equitech makes balanced power in Rackmount/Shelfmount and even Contractor grade wall mount boxes.  That means you can have the advantages of balanced power whether you a private or Ground Up commercial recording facility.  Equitech is ONLY using the best parts and technology in their power systems.


Below I put together a list of some of Equitech Amazing Features:

Bifilar Wound Isolation Transformer - This patented method of winding AC power transformers is the most accurate way known to achieve a near perfect balanced output.  The bifilar wound secondary is an exclusive Equi=Tech feature that raises the performance level of each of our products above all the rest.

HIgh Power Factor - Regardless of how clean AC power provided for sensitive electronics may be, the instant that component power switches are turned on, the quality of AC power degenerates.  This is simply the nature of what are termed “non-linear reactive loads.”

Ultra Low Impedance - The ultra-low impedance design of the Model Q transformer provides unrestricted current delivery to its output and virtually busts the "myth" that transformers cannot handle high amplitude current transients demanded by amplifiers and other types of high current pulse loads.

100% Passive Circuitry - There are no active components used in any Equi=Tech product.  There is nothing that will degrade from heat over time or from years of rugged use.

High Efficiency -  Equi=Tech systems are the most efficient of their kind.  This means that very little power is inefficiently wasted when powering electronic components

Magnetic and Faraday Shielding - These indispensable features are included in every Equi=Tech product.

Redundant Surge Protection -- A dual stage transient voltage surge suppresser (TVSS) provides primary surge protection. Unlike most products, there is a useful status indicator light that indicates when the surge protector is active and when it has taken too many hits from nuisance spikes and the time has come for it to be replaced.

Oxygen-free copper wire-- Mil Spec. oxygen-free copper wire is used throughout the entire AC distribution section of every Model “Q”. Hand-made OFC jumper wires and wiring harnesses are used exclusively in their assembly. OFC wire reduces high frequency micro current distortion that is commonly present in conventional copper or silver wired circuits. This further extends the effective bandwidth of noise attenuation.

Filtered Digital Equipment Outlets - These outlets provide additional high frequency noise attenuation and isolation for switching power supplies typically found in digital electronics

ANSI/UL Tested - Equi=Tech products have been tested and certified to meet ANSI/UL Standard #1012 which is the most rigorous and demanding of all power industry standards for Class A (high voltage) power distribution equipment.

Lifetime Warranty - Only Equi=Tech offers a lifetime warranty on the most expensive component and heart of the system, the power isolation transformer.

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