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Pro Audio Boutique Consults for Blackwater Recording Studio

Studio Consultations, One-on-One Pro Tools Lessons and Installations is what makes my job fun.  Yes, we sell gear at Pro Audio Boutique but for me just selling a piece of gear to a customer is not enough.  We like to go above and beyond.  We do not do this with excess email spamming and calling.  We do it by offering Lifetime Support Services which includes...Lifetime Tech Support,  Free Installations, tutorials and even On-Site lessons where it's possible.

On this occasion, I received a call from Harold Thompson at Blackwater Recording Studio.  Harold has been in the recording business for over 30 years.  His studio, Blackwater Recording Studios is located in Wirtz, VA on beautiful Smith Mountain Lake.  This is not just some ordinary home studio.  No, this is ground-up built, acoustically sound and flat commercial recording studio.  Everything from Acoustics, to Isolation, to HVAC and electrical makes this truly a professional, commercial recording studio.  Beyond the most important features of a commercial grade recording studio listed above.  Blackwaters has a great collections of outboard pres from Quad Eight, Sytek and Universal Audio.  And probably one of the largest private Peluso Microphone collections I have ever encountered. 

Blackwater Recording Studio Set up

Harold contacted us because he wanted to change up his DAW software platform from SAW(software audio workshop to Avid's Pro Tools 10/11 Native Software). Harold has been using SAW recording software (software audio workshop) for years.  SAW was a very stable platform for him but he was finding that software support and plug-ins compatibility was becoming an issue.  Blackwater's main PCI Card and Converter setup included RME's Raydat cards and SSL's Xlogic AD/DA Converters.

Installation and Pro Tools Tutorial

Along with the Pro tools Installation, Harold also wanted to take advantage of our one-on-one Pro Tools lessons.  We offer a multitude of services here at Pro Audio Boutique from consultations, Installations and tech support and private pro tools lessons being another one of them.  I love to get out and get in the customer's environment to interact with them and their set up in the place that makes them feel most comfortable.  

The installation went really smooth installing Pro Tools 10/11 Native on Blackwater's Windows 8 system.  We were up in running in 10 minutes.  When I give Pro Tools lessons the first questions I ask the client is what kind of music and artist are they recording at their studio and want they most want to get out Pro Tools software.  Harold is a pretty old school guy when it comes to recording.  He uses DAW software more as Digital Tape Machine and not so much to manipulating audio.  So, in short we spent a full day covering features that would benefit Harold as an engineer.


 Final Thoughts

All and All I had a blast spending the day helping Harold ease into the Pro Tools world on both the installation and lesson side.  Nothing is more rewarding with my job than seeing how happy the customer is after our consultations, installations and other services we offer.  If you are located in the Viriginia area and want to check out a killer studio to record then give Harold a shout at Blackwater Recording Studios.

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