• Happy New Year from Pro Audio Boutique!
  • Dave A
Happy New Year from Pro Audio Boutique!

Well, here we are again.  Another new year and a fresh start!  I wanted to write a small blog post to thank our existing customers for their business throughout 2014.  It was a great year...we built some awesome new recording systems for some of our customers, brought on some new recording brands/lines and most importantly helped plenty of recording enthusiast and professionals with their recording dreams.  From the start of Pro Audio Boutique, it has always been my goal to help anyone who contacts us.  Whether you are a novice or home studio guy looking to record some songs for your friends and family or a full-time audio professional looking to expand or update their recording set up.  Our time and advice is always free and honest when someone contacts us.  So Thank You to our existing clientele and thank you to any new customers who are thinking about doing business with us in the future. 

I wish everyone a successful and fruitful 2015 in the audio business!



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    Dave A