Soundtoys 5 Bundle - Available Now - Pro Audio Boutique

Soundtoys 5 Bundle - Pro Audio Boutique

Instantly upgrade or add to your music studio with Soundtoys 5 at Pro Audio Boutique. Get an incredible sonic palette that includes tube-modeled pre-amps and analog saturation effects, rhythmic modulation effects, vocal and drum transformation tools, and world-class delays including the brand new PrimalTap. 

Here at Pro Audio Boutique, We love Soundtoys Plug-Ins

The New Soundtoys 5 Bundles is here and it's loaded with everything Soundtoys has to offer.  

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Soundtoys Plug-Ins at Pro Audio Boutique

The Soundtoys 5 bundle includes everything*:

  • All 18 Soundtoys plug-ins.
  • Our powerful new Effect Rack that allows you to combine individual plug-ins into countless effect chain combinations.
  • The new PrimalTap retro dual delay plug-in with freeze.
  • Little AlterBoy for dramatic voice manipulation.
  • No hardware dongle required.
  • Two activations per license so you can run Soundtoys 5 in two locations at the same time.
  • New enhanced tweak menus.
  • Extended delay times for EchoBoy and Crystallizer.
  • Enhanced groove control for Tremolator.