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I really try to clarify through our blog and our website here that we are a customer service oriented audio company.  We love to go above and beyond and are grateful to help all and every type of customer who contacts us here.  Whether the customer is a full time musician, engineer or studio owner ...or a home studio hobbyist looking to blow off some steam after work in their own studio environment.  I always say no questions are too big or small and there are no dumb questions.  

We get calls from all types of studios considering a piece of gear or one of our many services we provide from installation, consultation and tech support.  From commercial recording facilities, independent private studios all the way to personal home studios.  And this is what this particular blog entry is about.  

This time we traveled to Raleigh, NC to help out a home studio enthusiast /drummer get his analog and digital gear integrated!

The Installation

This particular client contacted us based off a recommendation from another customer who's studio we had installed (I am extremely grateful that our customer's think enough of our work to recommend our services to fellow musicians and engineers).  In Short, the customer was wanting to integrate his analog outboard equipment into his Pro Tools 11 DAW system (This would involve adding a patchbay and some additional cabling to their existing set up).  We chatted vial email and phone several times before coming up with some options.  We settled on adding an Audio Accessories DB25 Patchbay, custom hand solder DB25 cables and a couple of Mogami TT patch cables to their current set up. 

The System

The customer's system was based around a Pro Tools 11 Native system with Apogee Symphony Converters and a thunderbolt bridge.  The main CPU was a MacBook pro running Mountain Lion 10.8.5 with Pro Tools latest version of 11.3.1. 

(Generally after I arrive at an installation I like to sit down with a customer and pick their brain about their work flow before diving into installing cabling or labeling the patchbay.  Everybody works differently so it's important to us to understand the customer's needs before getting started.  After coming up with a solid signal flow plan the customer was comfortable with ...it's on with the head lamp and behind the rack we go).

Along with the main Pro Tools system mentioned above... the customer had what I thought was a fantastic collection of outboard preamps, compressors, eqs and even effects processors.  A nice selection from Neve, API, UA and more.  Even a couple vintage DBX160a....which I love to use on drums and bass. They have such a character and punch to them.  The customer was primarily mixing in the box thanks to their Avid Artist Mixer and monitoring through Adam A7s.  

 Outboard Mic Preamps from Neve and API

We got right into installing the Audio Accessories DB25 patchbay after coming up with a final patchbay layout.  After making sure all rear connections and switches were all in their correct place. I moved onto labeling the front of the bay. I have installed quite a bit of DB25 patchbays over the years.  I use a DB25 Patchbay Excel Template I created that perfectly aligns with Audio Accessories DB25 patchbays.  This a template that is free to all our customers who purchase an Audio Accessories patchbay from us.  The template we provide to all customer's is also customizable and can be modified as you move, add or take away gear.


Outboard Gear from UA, DBX, API and Eventide 

Testing the system

After getting all the gear hooked up, it was time to test all patch points and get Pro Tools 11 fired up to test hardware inserts.  I love to educate and teach our clients as much as I can during the testing process.  It allows them to not only learn their new piece of equipment (in this case patchbay signal flow) but also gives them the opportunity to pick our brain and ask as as many questions as they can about their particular set up.  

Even though I arrive at a studio to help a customer with a particular situation, that does not stop us from helping them with other issues or general questions they may have about their recording system.  Educating and making recording/mixing more fun and less stressful is key for us as a company.

Roughly about 5 hours later after installing, testing, consultation and a little chit-chat about who our favorites drummers were... this install was complete and the system was ready to rock!  Another install done and and another satified customer who is ready to start recording and mixing.  

Audio Accessories DB25 Patchbay 

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