Lynx Aurora Converters On Sale Through December 7th! Black Friday Sale!

Lynx Aurora Converters Black Friday Week Deals

Now through Monday December, 7th Get any of the Lynx Aurora 16, Lynx Aurora 8 or Lynx Hilo USB/Thunderbolt Converters up 20% off

Contact Us or Call Us Toll Free: 888-573-8397 with any questions about Lynx Converters or their specials

The Following Models are On Sale Through Monday, December 7th 2015

Lynx Aurora 16 -$600 Off

Lynx Aurora 16 HD -$600 Off

Lynx Aurora 16 USB -$600 Off

Lynx Aurora 16 ThunderBolt -$600 Off

Lynx Aurora 8 -$400 Off

Lynx Aurora 8 HD -$400 Off

Lynx Aurora 8 USB -$400 Off

Lynx Aurora 8 ThunderBolt -$400 Off

 Lynx Hilo USB (Black or Silver) -$400 Off

Lynx Hilo Thunderbolt (Black or Silver) -$400 Off

Lynx Hilo USB and ThunderBolt on Sale at Pro Audio Boutique until Monday, December 7th 2015