Lynx Studio Technology Thunderbolt Connectivity

Lynx LT-TB Card

Thunderbolt is a wonderful format to transmit audio and video over a single cable. Lynx's Auroras and Hilos are equipped with the LT-TB Thunderbolt card which have been extremely popular amongst our customers. With LT-TB, six Auroras, each set to 32 channel mode, can be daisy-chained for a staggering 192 channels…..And oh, by the way, this is at a 192KHz sample rate. Even with this astounding number of channels, we are using only about 12% of the available Thunderbolt bandwidth.

The pro audio market is seeing a number of Thunderbolt audio devices. Alas, not all Thunderbolt interfaces are created equal. Some are saying they cannot daisy-chain their units. One company says they can daisy chain six devices but only four can be their converters (the other two need to be their DSP boxes), for 64 channels total. Once again….with Auroras, six units can be connected for 192 channels total.

Here’s the issue for those that cannot daisy-chain: The Thunderbolt spec, set by Apple and Intel, clearly states that up to six devices must be able to be daisy-chained, followed by a video monitor. Yet some “certified” products cannot do this. When you hear of a Thunderbolt unit that cannot daisy-chain with other devices, you may want to ask them why not…and perhaps even inquire as to their actual certification status.

 Our customers hear about the wonderful features of Thunderbolt and this includes the ability to chain units together. We want to make sure all our current and future customer know that Lynx products are fully Certified and fully Compliant to the official Thunderbolt spec, for both Mac and PC.

Lynx puts no limits on our Thunderbolt

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