Pro Audio Boutique helps a client expand their gear collection

    In this particular short blog I travel back to North Carolina to revisit one of our long time client's private studio.  If you read our blogs you might have across the initial install of this particular studio: https://proaudioboutique.com/blogs/news/ssl-xl-desk-outfitted-and-installed-by-pro-audio-boutique-private-residence-studio-north-carolina     I got a call about adding a couple a couple...

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SSL XL Desk Outfitted and Installed by Pro Audio Boutique - Private Residence Studio - North Carolina

If you happened to come across this page, you have reached our blog here at Pro Audio Boutique. We are a recording equipment company of sorts. The consultation and installation is something that most gear companies online tend to overpass but is a part we love to assist our customers...

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BAE Audio 500 Series 1073 Mic Pre Comparison - Pro Audio Boutique

BAE Audio 500 Series 1073 Mic Pre Comparison BAE Audio just released a great video below  In this video you truly get to see why we only carry BAE Audio Mic Pres at Pro Audio Boutique compared to the other major Neve contenders on the market.  BAE Audio really stays...

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BRAND New from BAE Audio The BAE 1073MPL, 500 Series Preamp http://proaudioboutique.com/products/bae-1073mplThe BAE 1073MPL is the 500 Series version of the BAE 1073MP (a mic pre-amp version of the 1073 equaliser) having the same well-known characteristic Class A sound with its harmonically rich low end, slight resonant highs, and maintained focused...

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Pro Audio Boutique Outfits New Jersey’s latest Commercial Recording Facility PonderRosa Recording Studio

Well I am officially back from New Jersey... To catch everyone up.  It was a long week of work to get PonderRosa Studio up and running.  Even though the install only took 4 days, the initial design process started over 4 Months ago.  Pro Audio Boutique was hired by New...

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BAE Audio 10DC Compressor/Limiter - Just Released at AES 2011

Here at Pro Audio Boutique we are excited to hear the BAE Audio is releasing the BAE Audio 10DC Compressor/Limiter to add to their already wonderful line of Preamps and Eqs.  I had a chance to speak to BAE's very own Jeff Watson and this is what he had to say......

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