10 Series Racks:  These racks include power supplies and phantom power for 10 series modules like the BAE 10 Series Modules.  1066, 1073, 1084, 1023, 1028 and the new 1032 will all fit perfectly in 10 Series racks.  These particular 10 Series racks will also accommodate any vintage Neve modules you have.
500 Series Racks and Modules: The 500 Series Format has exploded over the past 8 years.  The 500 series design itself has been around for a while but in the past 8 years many manufactures have stepped up their game in this format.  A lot of manufactures are not only making modules but also are making 500 series rack systems to house the modules.  In this section you will find 500 Series Racks, Modules and accessories.
500 Series Dynamics: Many 500 Series compressors are based on classic models, which have been redesigned to fit the 500 Series format. You can choose from a number of types, ranging from opto to VCA to FET models. Some compressors include sidechain capability.  All the controls you’d expect are present on these compressors: threshold, attack, release, makeup gain, and ratio. Almost all models are mono, but when stereo needs come about, you can just link two units together. 
500 Series Equalizers:  While most 500 Series equalizers are parametric, you can also find graphic EQs that fit the chassis format. Parametric equalizers are the most widely used in situations where very fine control over the audio signal is desired. You’ll find mostly 3-band and 4-band parametric EQs in 500 Series formats. Many include low- and/or high-frequency shelving to handle cuts and boosts of signals above or below a specified frequency. In general, parametric EQs offer up to 12dB of boost and cut, which should handle just about any situation where EQ is desired.
500 Series Preamps: 500 Series preamps come in the form of tube modules, solid-state modules, modules that duplicate the circuitry in vintage units, and units tuned for special applications. Whatever type of mic preamp you want, it’s probably available in a 500 Series module. Most of these preamps provide 48V phantom power and include a hi-Z instrument input. You can choose between transformer or transformerless designs, and tube or solid-state models. Some 500 Series preamps add EQ and dynamics processing, becoming true channel strips.

500 Series Racks: All of those modules have to live somewhere, and that’s where the chassis (frame) or Lunchbox (an API trademark) comes in. The chassis has slots for two or more 500 Series modules. It provides not only a slot for the module to live in but also power for the module, as well as inputs and outputs for getting signal in and out of the module.  Some chassis are tabletop units, while others mount into racks. They range in size from 2-slot (which can hold two single-width modules or one double-width module) to 10-slot, which can hold up to 10 single-width modules or a mix of single- and double-width modules.

Recording Accessories: Just like the name, you will find all the extra bells and whistles you might need to fill in the blanks of your studio.  From Pop Filters, Studio Racks and Balanced power conditioning.  Everything you need to connect the dots.
Acoustic Treatment:  One of the most important investments you can make in your studio is acoustic treatment.  I can almost say it is more important than a new microphone, preamp or even before you invests heavily into other gear.  You will find everything you need to flatten and balance out your control and live room in this sections.  Everything from Diffusors, Absorbers, Ceiling Tiles and way more...
AD/DA Converters:   AD/DA Converters is a device that converts a continuous physical quantity (usually voltage) to a digital number that represents the quantity's amplitude. Simply put: changes analog voltage to ones and zeros.  Converters can be just A/D (Analog to Digital), D/A (Digital to Analog) and both.  They can also range from a minimum of 2 Channels up to 16 Channels in most cases.  
All Products at Pro Audio Boutique
Audio Accessories manufactures commercial grade pre-wired audio and video patchbays.  Audio Accessories is the industry standard in DB25 Patchbays and both Solder and 3 Pin Patchbays.  Audio Accessories and Pro Audio Boutique will custom build patchbays to your specifications.  If you think it, we can build it.
Audio Ease is a Plug In software company located in the Netherlands and is best known for it's Convolution Reverb Altiverb 7.  We believe Altiverb 7 is one of the best Convolution Reverbs on the market.  We also love their other flagship plug in Speakerphone which emulates the most any type of AM Radio, Telephone and more...
Dynamic and Condenser Microphone specialists, delivering worldwide. They are US based and offer a large range of Professional Audix Mics, Drum Microphones, Instrument Microphones and Wireless Microphone Systems.
Avantone is a creative vehicle, enabling the core team to bring to market the things they see as missing in the industry. This can be as simple as a certain price point they feel should be met to give excellent quality for reasonable pricing. At other times, it may be an item that simply does not exist until they build it. They don't use the shotgun approach in creating a product line. Each and every product we create has passion and purpose behind it.
Avid Pro Tools is the leading DAW recording software in the recording industry. Avid is the world's leading provider of audio and video technology for media organizations and independent professionals. Our customers use Avid solutions to create, distribute, and monetize the most prestigious and award-winning films, videos, music recordings, TV shows, live concerts, and news broadcast
BAE Audio are manufacturers of high end pro audio equipment including the 1073 mic pre eq and 1084.  BAE Audio is making the most Authentic Neve 1073 Mic Pre/Eq in our opinion.  They manufacture Both 10 and 500 Series Modules recreating the Classic Neve 1073 sound.
Balanced Power Conditioners: Balanced Power is the pinnacle of power conditioning. cleansing, and stability.  Most every major commercial recording facility has some sort of balanced power and or isolation transformer at the heart of it's electrical system.  Protecting and cleaning the power that comes from the electrical company.  Balanced power is more than just about cleaning dirty power, it has a MAJOR impact the fideltiy of your audio recordings and playback.
Cables: One of the most important parts of a building home or commercial studio.  Without the cabling,signal will not flow from one thing to another.  Every cable you can imagine is located in this section. If you do not see the specific cable you were looking for, Please contact us.  We can build any cable you can think of.  We have access to most any type of connector and wiring.

Channel Strips: A channel strip is comprised of a number of signal processing tools including a preamp, usually followed by a compressor, an EQ section, and in some cases a de-esser or an enhancer (exciter). If you’re recording vocals, for example, this gives you every processing tool you need for professional vocal recording in one convenient and cost-effective unit. Since all the electronics are housed inside the same box (as opposed to being patched from separate preamp to compressor to EQ, etc), the chances for noise are diminished.

Coles Microphones are Classic BBC microphones that has been in continuous production for over 50 years. Here at Pro Audio Boutique we are proud and honored to continue this tradition of carrying one of the most Iconic Ribbon Microphone companies in the recording industry

Compressors / Limiters: A compressor is a device that reduces the dynamic range of program material. This is useful in the case of vocals or an instrument that changes from low levels to very high levels. Reducing the dynamic range causes the high levels to be reduced, which prevents distortion and makes it easier for you to set optimum levels. Properly applied compression allows an instrument or vocal to “sit” better in the mix and allows for louder average levels and punchier-sounding mixes.  A limiter stops the output of a signal path from exceeding a predetermined level.

Computer Audio:  The computer audio section will contain everything you need to put together a perfect DAW recording system.  PCIe Express Cards, Thunderbolt , Firewire and USB interfaces. A/D D/A Converters, DAW Software, Plug Ins and more.  Check out our blog to find out about more on Pro Audio Boutique's Custom turnkey systems.
Crimson offers great sounding, high quality audio production peripherals for professionals and home recording enthusiasts. Leveraging the latest in audio technology, our products are designed and engineered to deliver the purest sound possible for the life of your studio. We’re able to deliver that superior level of quality by keeping our designs simple and our end user in mind. In short, we build the products we want in our own studios.
Dorrough Audio and Video Metering: Dorrough Electronics designs and manufactures precision audio and video monitoring devices. For the past 20 years, Dorrough has pioneered new technologies in audio signal processing, and monitoring for the broadcast, motion picture, and recording industries. Although having developed and marketed the first Discriminate Audio Processor (DAP) in 1973 (shown at the right), the company is best known for its award winning Audio Loudness Monitors in widespread use throughout the motion picture, recording, and broadcast industries worldwide.
Dual-Channel Preamps: Single Channel PreampsPreamps are offered in single-, dual-, or multi-channel configurations. A two-channel preamp is obviously desirable for stereo miking techniques. A single-space rackmount unit with eight preamps will offer you major space savings and generally, big bang for the buck, letting you track a complete drum kit, for instance, or plug in an entire instrument-level hardware synth rig. Do you do remote recordings? Multi-channel preamps are also ideal for mobile recording rigs.
Dynamic Microphones: In a dynamic microphone, the audio signal is generated by the motion of a conductor within a magnetic field. In most dynamic mics, a very thin, lightweight diaphragm moves in response to sound pressure. The diaphragm’s motion causes a voice coil suspended in a magnetic field to move, generating a small electric current. Dynamic mics are less sensitive (to sound pressure levels and high frequencies) than condenser mics, and generally can take more punishment. They also tend to be less expensive. Dynamics are perfect for drums and electric guitars. The most popular snare mic of all time is the Shure SM57 (also great on guitar amps). Many engineers swear by the Sennheiser MD421 on toms.
Dynaudio was founded in Denmark in 1977 with a focus on creating the ultimate Hi-fi speakers. Later, the market approach was expanded to include the automotive market supplying high-end car installations for VW and Volvo executive class cars. After experiencing overwhelming interest from the professional audio market, Dynaudio decided to establish a subdivision in 1992 with the sole purpose of creating professional monitors.

EASTWEST is the #1 developer of virtual (software) instruments in the world. With clientele that spans the who's who of the music, film, television, games, multimedia and performing arts, EASTWEST has led the industry for more than 27 years and provides professionals with the very best music creation tools available.

Recognized the world over as a leader in audio technology, EV is ubiquitous in performing arts centers, sports facilities, houses of worship, cinemas, dance clubs, transportation centers, theaters, and, of course, live music. EV's reputation for providing superior audio products and dedication to innovation continues today.
Elite Core Audio is owned and operated by industry veterans Randy McFarland and Chris Ward from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Elite Core manufactures and distributes high quality snakes, cables, installation hardware, and the new PM-16 Personal Mixing System from a 25,000 sf warehouse located in the geographical center of the USA.
Empirical Labs Inc. (ELI), designs and manufactures professional audio signal processing equipment used in recording studios, live sound, broadcast studios and other audio production facilities all over the world. They also produce plug-ins for digital audio workstations (DAWS) and software for digital signal processors.
Equalizers:  An equalizer is an audio device that has the ability to boost and/or cut the energy (amplitude) in specified frequency ranges by employing one or more filter circuits. There are many different types of EQs that are used in various applications today, but fundamentally, they all do the same thing.
Equipment Racks:  Everyone needs a place to hold and display all of their gear.  Not only do equipment racks have to accommodate certain pieces of gear but they should also be ergonomically and acoustically sound.  We carry a large variety of equipment racks that not only do the above but look stylish as well and come in a variety of finishes and custom designs.
Equitech Corporation is the pioneer of balanced AC power. Started in Oregon in 1992 by its President, Martin Glasband, it has grown in stature and size gaining recognition and acceptance in many high profile engineering circles and high tech industries as the leader of the balanced power revolution.

Headphones: From Closed-Back to Open-Back are all found here.  From general playback, recording, tracking and mixing.  There is a specific headphone for all different types of applications.   

IK Multimedia is a software plug-in and hardware company started in 1996 in the town of Modena, Italy.
Juice Goose has built quality AC power distribution products since 1983. They now offer four model series with different features and price points for different applications and different budgets.
Large Diaphragm Condensers: When it’s absolute fidelity to the source you’re after, reach for a condenser microphone. Condensers are more responsive to the “speed” and nuances of sound waves than dynamic mics. This simple mechanical system consists of a thin stretched conductive diaphragm placed close to a metal disk (backplate).
Like a couple of other products we carry on our site...Latch Lake Microphone Stands are the last mics stands you will ever need to buy...Latch Lake was certainly the product of necessity. Its sister company, Brixon Manufacturing was established in 1939 by Tom Roberts, (Jeff’s father). The turning and drilling side of Brixon afforded the ability to develop products and solve problems that other startups and established businesses wouldn’t even think of. With a machine shop in one hand and some music industry necessities in the other Latch Lake was born.
Lynx Studio Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures professional audio products.  Best known for their Lynx Aurora A/D D/A Converters, AES16e Card and leading the market in thunderbolt technology. Formed in 1998 by a team of seasoned audio software and hardware engineers, their goal is to utilize cutting-edge technology to create the highest quality products at a good value to the customer.  Lynx products have been adopted worldwide by top broadcasters, studios, performers, producers and engineers.
McDSP is an innovative Silicon Valley audio software company founded in 1998 by Colin McDowell. Beginning with the release of the pioneering equalizer plug-in FilterBank, McDSP has continued producing industry acclaimed and award-winning software titles. McDSP audio signal processing technology can be found in pro audio plug-ins for popular digital audio workstations including Pro Tools and Logic, the Avid VENUE and S3L live sound systems, as well as licensed algorithms in the gaming industry.
Microphone Capsules: Everything from replacement capsules to interchangeable capsules.  The microphone capsule is the heart of any microphone.  It is technically where the signal officially starts.  We are still expanding this section to please bare with us.
Microphone Preamps: Everything single type of microphone preamp can be found here.  Single Channel, Multi-Channel, Channel Strip and way more...  The history of the microphone preamp has really changed especially, with the development of the DAW recording system.  In the old days you generally used the recording console preamps at the studio on everything.  These days the analog front end has grown enormously with so many preamp options to choose from.  So finding a specific preamp for a specific application is common these.  Let us help you find that right one.
Microphone Stands: Here you will find every type of microphone stand you need to get the job done.  Large Boom Stands, Low Pro-File Tripod Stands and more... Words can not describe how much a good, solid microphone stand saves time and worry in the studio.  It is essentially the lifeline of that fancy $2,000 tube microphone from dropping to the floor.  We carry only high quality all metal microphone stands for the studio and lightweight and transportable stands for live use.
Microphones:  All types of Microphones are located in this section.  Dynamic, Condenser, Tube Condenser, Ribbon and the list goes on. The microphone is the first thing in any great signal chain...besides the artist and their instrument.  Finding the right microphone whether it's strictly to be used on vocals, acoustic guitar, electric cabinets... can be a tough decision sometimes.  Feel free to reach out to us when thinking about your next microphone.  We give upfront and honest advice about which microphone is right for you.
Miniature Microphones:  Are compact, sometimes clip-on microphones that can be either dynamic or condenser type.  They are most often found in the live sound industry but do work wonder in live studio recordings.  You will find them on the end of horns (Both Brass and Woodwinds) or clipped onto Drums or Percussion instruments.
Multi-Channel Preamps: Single Channel PreampsPreamps are offered in single-, dual-, or multi-channel configurations. A two-channel preamp is obviously desirable for stereo miking techniques. A single-space rackmount unit with eight preamps will offer you major space savings and generally, big bang for the buck, letting you track a complete drum kit, for instance, or plug in an entire instrument-level hardware synth rig. Do you do remote recordings? Multi-channel preamps are also ideal for mobile recording rigs.
Patchbays:  We carry Solder, 3 Pin and the most popular these days DB-25 Patchbays.  Anything you do not see on the site we can most likely get, make and/or customize to your specifications.  Most people these days love the new DB-25 Patchbays with customized grounding and normalling options at the flick of a switch.  Feeling overwhelmed...contact us with your patchbay questions.
PCIe Audio Interfaces: PCIe is an internal card-based interface. By effectively installing your audio interface into your computer’s motherboard, you gain the advantage of bypassing some of the data conversion processes that cause latency and limit bandwidth. The majority of PCIe audio interfaces are designed to handle high track counts and the near-instantaneous speed required by professional studios, and are consequently more expensive than FireWire or USB interfaces.
The Peluso line of custom vacuum tube condenser, solid-state condenser and ribbon microphones brings the very best in vintage sound to new life -- the sound renowned for clarity, detail and warmth. Established in 2002, Peluso Microphone Lab is a family owned and operated business. Their goal is to deliver the finest quality microphone products at a fair price.
Plug-ins: Audio plug-in effects are a staple of every music production system, and reproduce the functionality of traditional, hardware-based effect units. The term ‘effects’ can bring to mind weird and wonderful sounds, but effects can also be much more subtle sound processors like compressors, EQs or even gating plug-ins. You could think of an effect as anything that changes a sound, regardless of the way in which it does it.
Pop Filters / Windscreens: A pop filter or pop shield is an anti-pop noise protection filter for microphones, typically used in for vocal recordings. It serves to reduce or eliminate 'popping' sounds caused by the mechanical impact of fast moving air on the microphone during recorded speech and singing.
Power Distributors & Conditioners:  The word power conditioners gets throw around a lot these days.  They are really power conditioners, voltage regulators/suppressors/protectors and more and more.. Each one will help in someway for whatever power issue you are encountering in your studio.  There are definitely different levels of protection, noise reduction and quality of parts.  We carry everything from basic power conditioning up to balanced power units.
So Rascal Audio was started by an Audio Guru named Joel Cameron.  Not only is this guy making some killer gear, but this guy is a real studio guy.  When he is not building Rascal Audio gear he is most likely in the studio or working in pro tools. Rascal Audio gear is made with some pretty amazing parts and build quality is unbelievable.  Rascal Audio is Analog Tone.
Real Traps is an acoustic treatment company located in Milford, Connecticut.  The company was started by Acoustics guru Ethan Winer.  They make high-end well made acoustic treatment for both Commercial and Home recording studios.  These traps are meticulously designed and made to last a lifetime.
Redco Audio is located in Stratford, CT and offers Professional Audio and Video Accessories ranging from audio cables to bulk cables and connectors to engraved custom panels.
Ribbon Microphones: Used extensively in the golden age of radio, Ribbon mics were the first commercially successful directional microphones.  Ribbon mics respond to the velocity of air molecules moving a small element suspended in a strong magnetic field, rather than sound pressure level (SPL), which is what “excites” most other microphone types. In studio applications this functional difference isn’t important, although it can be critical during an exterior location recording on a windy day. Vintage ribbons such as the RCA 44 and Coles 4038 were notoriously delicate; today’s ribbon mics are designed to handle the rigors of daily studio use
RLA Woodworks is a custom wood shop located out of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Rupert Neve Designs, LLC is nestled in the picturesque Texas Hill Country, where all of our modules are crafted and painstakingly tested. Our small team of dedicated engineers have designed a new range of professional audio gear and systems based on both proven classic design concepts and modern innovations. This new range of equipment utilizes custom-designed transformers and single-sided amplification to provide sound quality that rivals the best recording gear – vintage or modern – available anywhere in the world. 
sE Electronics is the UKs No.1 studio mic brand. Their approach to microphone manufacturing has yielded the pro audio partnerships sE Rupert Neve, sE Munro.  The build quality and sound of sE microphones is something to be appreciated especially for the dough they cost.  Along with great mics, they make some really cool recording accessories like the sE Reflection Filter series that comes in real handy when you need to isolate vocals or anything else in a live studio recording scenario.
For more than 65 years Sennheiser's name has stood for top-quality products, true sound and tailor-made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. They want people to not only hear all aspects of sound, but also to feel it, too. With German engineering, decades of experience in professional business, and innovative science, they stay true to the sound and set new standards for headphones, headsets, microphones, and integrated systems.
Shure: With a history of audio innovation spanning over 80 years, Shure has turned a passion for making great microphones and audio electronics into an obsession. No wonder Shure continues to set the worldwide industry standard for superior microphones and audio electronics.
Signal Processing:  What does this really mean and what is located in this section?  Well anything that alters the audio signal.  Everything from Dynamics Processors (Hardware compressors), Equalization (Hardware Equalizers), Conversion (A/D D/A Converters and Interfaces) and Multi-Effects Processors (Reverbs, Delays, etc...) and even Harmonic Boxes (I refer to them...Tape Saturation or Distortion) .  Anything that effects/alters or changes the signal is a signal processor
Single Channel Preamps: Single Channel PreampsPreamps are offered in single-, dual-, or multi-channel configurations. A two-channel preamp is obviously desirable for stereo miking techniques. A single-space rackmount unit with eight preamps will offer you major space savings and generally, big bang for the buck, letting you track a complete drum kit, for instance, or plug in an entire instrument-level hardware synth rig. Do you do remote recordings? Multi-channel preamps are also ideal for mobile recording rigs.
Small Diaphragm Condensers: When it’s absolute fidelity to the source you’re after, reach for a condenser microphone. Condensers are more responsive to the “speed” and nuances of sound waves than dynamic mics. This simple mechanical system consists of a thin stretched conductive diaphragm placed close to a metal disk (backplate). This arrangement creates a capacitor which is given its electric charge by an external voltage source – a battery or dedicated power supply, or phantom power supplied by your mixer. The diaphragm vibrates slightly in response to sound pressure, causing the capacitance to vary and producing a voltage variation – the signal output of the microphone.
Softube Plug-Ins: Softube develops both hardware and software for the audio industry. A number of high-end computer recording plug-ins are available under the Softube brand and the company has done development for reputable companies such as Marshall, Fender, Abbey Road Studios, Native Instruments, Ableton and TC Electronic, as well as partnering up with Universal Audio, Propellerheads, Cakewalk, Presonus and Avid
Sonnox Ltd. has evolved out of Sony Oxford, which in turn traces its history back to a group of five dedicated audio professionals that first worked together in the early 1980s. These engineers spent many years together designing analogue and digital consoles for Solid State Logic, and subsequently left to start a new Company in 1988 that was called Oxford Digital. Over the following few years the team slowly expanded, until in 1993 it became Sony Oxford.  Sony Oxford's approach is simple when it comes to ease of use, designs and sound.
As one of the leading, Sound Anchors Dealers in the U.S.  We know Sound Anchors Stands.  Sound Anchors is a small firm with one simple goal. Their goal is to provide the best stands and mounts possible. Sound Anchors has maintained this goal since our beginnings in 1984 and have developed a reputation for performance, durability and value. In 1992 they started adapting their home designs to studio and commercial applications. In 1994 we developed the first serious adjustable height stands for studio use. The success of this stand led to the development of a complete line of studio stands.  Sound Anchor and Redmount products are designed and manufactured in Palm Bay, Florida U.S.A. using American parts and skilled American labor.
Soundtoys is dedicated to bringing color, character, and creativity to the world of digital audio. They're truly fanatical about audio toys – both creating new ones and collecting old ones. Their toy collection runs from the ‘classic’ gear like the EQP-1, 1176, 1073, LA-2, 550a, ATR-102 (all the must-have numbers) to pedals and effects like Binson EchoRec, JetPhase, EP-1, Federal Compressors, FuzzFaces, Dim-D, Tri-Stereo Chorus, and on, and on….
Stereo Bars:  Stereo Bars makes it easy to mount multiple mics on one stand. Whether you're using several microphones to capture one sound source in the studio or using multiple mics in one area for broadcast application or live 2-track recordings.  Stereo bars make recording in stereo a breeze.
For over 23 years, Sterling Modular Systems, Inc. has designed and produced fine furniture for the audio recording and broadcast industries. We design and fabricate products in various price ranges, while retaining an excellent "value per dollar" at all product levels. From the top-of-the-line custom furnishings, to our more affordable "Plan Series" (assembly required) line of consoles and racks, our in-house craftsmen personally control and oversee every operation. They make a high-quality product at a fair price, using the best available materials, methods and hardware. All components are fabricated, assembled and packaged in the United States.
Studio Furniture:  Everything from custom recording Desks, Racks and High Quality Speaker stands you can find in this section.  Holding your gear is as much of an investment as the investment you made in your gear.  A sturdy, high quality piece of studio furniture makes the world of difference in not only your work flow but the look, feel and vibe of your studio.
Studio Mixers:  Summing Mixers and more
Studio Monitor Stands:  Need a secure, stable, commercial grade stand to hold your studio monitors.  The stand on which your studio monitors sit on can be argued as just as important as your studio monitors themselves.  Not only are stands supporting the weight and stability of your speakers but they can also have a significant acoustic impact on how your studio monitors sound.
Studio Monitors:  You will find Passive,Active Studio Monitors and even subwoofers in this section.  A good set of studio monitors is key to any set up.  And finding the right pair or single (mono) can be a tough decision.  It is based off of your room (acoustics, size etc...) and the type of music content you are primarily recording and mixing.  Maybe you need a subwoofer or maybe a set of full-range monitors will do the trick.  I am here to help you narrow down that decision.
Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces: Thunderbolt is the newest serial protocol in the professional audio market.  The speed of Thunderbolt really blows aways the competition compared to Firewire or USB.  But it is more versatile beyond carrying just audio signal.  Thunderbolt can easily be daisy chained with multiple devices including audio interfaces, hard drives and even monitor displays.Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces
Top Selling Products are a collection of the latest most popular items our customers have been really enjoyed using.  Top Selling items range from cool recording accessories that make your life easier in the studio to a nice microphone preamp or tube microphone that's a perfect fit for a new project you are working on.
TRUE Systems is a product line of Sunrise Engineering and Design Inc., which is involved with consulting, design, and manufacture of electronic equipment used in professional audio production.  TRUE Systems is most known for their microphone preamp line.  Unparalleled performance and build quality make them a popular choice amongst audio professionals.  TRUE Systems products are made in Tucson, Arizona.
A subsidiary of BAE Audio
Founded in 1991, ULTRASONE is a headphone company...period.  They design and manufacture some of the most high quality, boutique, best sounding headphones on the planet.  The design and sound of Ultrasone headphones is something to be appreciated.  The headphone drivers and angle at which they hit the ears makes these headphones ideal for long listening periods.

Universal Shockmounts:  Have a vintage microphone and the shockmount has seen better days?  Elastic bands streched out?  Threads shot?  There is a good chance we have you covered in this section.  Universal Shockmounts for U47s, C12, 251, U87, U67 and the list on goes on...

USB Audio Interfaces: The advantage to USB (3.0, 2.0, and 1.1) is that there are many interfaces designed to run on USB bus power (rather than an external power supply), which is excellent if you plan on doing mobile recording with your laptop. 
Used Gear: Trade Ins, Consignments and great deals on Used recording equipment fully tested and in perfect working condition.  Even though we are mainly a "New Gear"  type of company...every so often we get trade-ins and or loyal customers who are looking to part with some of their old gear.  Contact us for you are looking for something specific we might not have listed in our used section
Workstations / Desks:  Everyone needs a place to hold and display all of their gear.  Not only does the workstation / desk have to accommodate certain pieces of gear but the desk should also be ergonomically and acoustically sound.  We carry a large variety of studio workstations that not only do the above but look stylish as well and come in a variety of finishes and custom designs.