Our Customers Love Us. Read Why.

Neal Chapman

- Session Guitarist

David Arnold is a huge asset to anyone in the field of recorded music and production. His services offer so much about the technical and creative applications of the complete recording process: setting up and configuration of a recording system, engineering and producing, and everything in between. I can't imagine working with anyone else - I highly recommend him.

Grady Crumpler

- Multi-instrumentalist, Shady Cats

I have had the pleasure of working with David Arnold at Pro Audio Boutique for a number of years. He has always steered me to high quality recording gear that fits my budget. Prior to a purchase, David has taken time to help me audition gear - something in my studio, sometimes at another one. Of equal importance, David helped me set up my signal chains after a major studio upgrade that required installing multiple snakes and a patch bay. He has provided technical support and has proven to be an invaluable resource. I highly recommend him for your audio needs!

John Custer

- Grammy Nominated Producer, John Custer Recording Studios

David Arnold is the Cavalry. He's come riding over the hill to our rescue so many times, with his fantastic disposition and his impeccable professionalism. He brings answers to questions and solutions to problems every time. A joy to work with and a truly Upper Tier, knowledgable professional Thank God for David.

Terry Clark

- Guitarist, Carbon Leaf

Pro Audio Boutique is way more than just another online gear store. David Arnold understands his customers' needs and can recommend the products that will work best for them. We had a general idea of the studio that we wanted to build, but David helped us put together a complete turn-key studio that perfectly met our needs… and our budget! Almost more importantly, he prevented us from buying the wrong thing and steered us towards gear that worked better for our set-up.

Randy Wayne White

- New York Times Best Selling Novelist
& Producer of Music/Documentaries, RandyWayneWhite.com

I met David Arnold, via the Internet, when pricing tube microphones. He was so knowledgeable, likable and professional. I also received David’s engineering expertise as part of the deal. Day or night, the man was always eager to help, and approached each problem with can-do convictions. I was so impressed by his attitude, and his knowledge, that I took another risk three years ago when I hired him to engineer an album by a brilliant singer/songwriter (and I’d never even met David!) Once again, I profited hugely by investing my trust in this unusual and hugely talented man. David Arnold brings to a recording session not only cutting-edge knowledge, but also an invaluable positive energy that can’t be measured quantitatively, only karmically, plus a genuine decency that is rare in the often neurotic, ego-goofy music industry.