Why Pro Audio Boutique?

So why purchase your gear from Pro Audio Boutique?  Simple...   

Our Customer Service, Lifetime Support and Expertise


Customer Service 

Taking care of our customers is something we built Pro Audio Boutique on from the start.  We knew, if we were going to stand out as a pro audio company, we had to offer something that other companies did not have.  Personalized One-on-One Customer Service and Consultation.  Our customers keep coming back to us because of our fast service and honest advice.  We are humbled to be given the opportunity to help every customer succeed in anything they are doing in the professional audio world. 

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support means we will always be here…before, during and way, way after the sale.  You can rest assure that your not only buying a great piece of gear but you are getting a support system for You.  And your Gear.  For Life. 


Let's Face it.  The shear amount of gear that is available to choose from these days is staggering.  That is where we come in:  Over the years we have had the immense pleasure of working with some great musicians in the studio and recording with a vast amount of gear.  Staying on top of the technology is something we do here best. From knowing the latest cutting-edge digital products to a slew of outboard gear, microphones and more.