Dynaudio Core 7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor (ea)

$ 1,999.00

Dynaudio Core 7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor (ea)
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Dynaudio Core 7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor (ea) Dynaudio Core 7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor (ea) Dynaudio Core 7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor (ea) Dynaudio Core 7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor (ea) Dynaudio Core 7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor (ea)


Dynaudio Core 7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor (ea)

$ 1,999.00

    • Dynaudio Core 7 – Core 7 has been developed alongside industry professionals with exactly this in mind. It’s the most compact model in our range of high-end professional reference monitor systems. This no-compromise two-way design features two class-D amplifiers (one 500W amp for the mid/woofer and a 150W unit for the tweeter), plus the best of modern DSP technology and a flat bass response down to 38Hz – 31kHz +/- 6dB and 45Hz – 27kHz +/- 3dB.

      It’s been specifically designed and engineered to meet the challenges of high-demand environments that recording engineers, mixers, producers, and editors work in all day, every day.

      Consistent performance with no fatigue

      Our acoustic designers are always improving on driver design for each model – and when they wheeled Core 7 out for listening tests, you could genuinely see the pride on their faces.
      Each driver unit is handmade at our factory in Denmark. And because we produce 1.4 million drivers each year for the home hi-fi, custom-install, in-car and pro-studio markets, we can ensure extreme consistency. That makes it possible to use Core monitors in multiple studios and have them all sound and perform at the same high level – giving you everything you need to hear, everywhere you use them.

      We’re known for our soft-dome tweeters. They provide hours of pinpoint imaging and detail without the listener fatigue common to other designs. Core 7 builds on this heritage with the brand-new Esotar Pro tweeter – the latest breakthrough in our engineers’ obsessive attention to driver detail. New advanced manufacturing techniques and our astonishing Jupiter testing facility, have let our designers take tweeter design to a new level with the revolutionary Hexis system. Hexis optimises airflow, smooths frequency response and eliminates unwanted internal resonances. The result? Jaw-dropping imaging and transient detail, and effortless high-frequency response.

      But they weren’t happy to leave it there: Core 7’s mid/woofer driver is another leap forward. We’ve taken our proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cone material along with aluminium voice coils, glass-fibre formers and advanced magnet designs to produce drivers capable of the kind of accuracy and honesty you’d never thought possible. MSP provides the best combination of lightness, stiffness and damping – making it capable of producing deep, accurate bass while also delivering natural midrange detail, all in one driver for the best imaging and point-source delivery.

      Placement options: all of them

      We’ve made sure Core 7’s cabinet is as stiff and inert as we could make it – hence the 32mm thick baffle, which contributes to its excellent linearity across the spectrum. Since every application is unique and monitors need to be placed in a variety of environments – either on their sides, vertically or sometimes even inverted with the woofer above the tweeter – we’ve designed Core 7 with indentations on all four sides. We’ve even developed special pads that can be placed in order to protect the cabinet's finish and stabilise the cabinet on the surface.

      That goes for multi-channel set-ups, too: we also have custom K&M brackets to mount Core 7 in orientations suitable for surround sound, immersive audio (such as Dolby ATMOS) and other custom configurations.

      One speaker, every type of studio

      Core 7 is designed for maximum flexibility and performance where its compact size is desirable. This includes recording studios, edit suites, broadcast trucks, mobile facilities, broadcast and theatrical dub stages, immersive audio mixing rooms and custom installations. And because its size doesn’t diminish its performance either in frequency response or output SPL, it plays seamlessly with Core 59 monitors in calibrated multi-channel monitoring systems.

      Stop second-guessing. Core delivers everything you need to hear.
    •     •    Powered: Yes
          •    Power Configuration: Bi-amped
          •    LF Driver Size: 7" woofer
          •    LF Driver Type: MSP cone
          •    HF Driver Size: 1" tweeter
          •    HF Driver Type: Dome
          •    LF Driver Power Amp: 500W
          •    HF Driver Power Amp: 150W
          •    Total Power: 650W Class D
          •    Frequency Response: 38Hz-24kHz
          •    Crossover Frequency: 2300Hz
          •    Maximum Peak SPL: 124 dB SPL @ 1m (pair)
          •    Input Types: 1 x XLR (analogue), 1 x XLR (AES/EBU)
          •    Output Types: 1 x XLR
          •    USB: 1 x Type B
          •    Enclosure Type: Ported
          •    Enclosure Material: Solid MDF
          •    Height: 15.5"
          •    Width: 8.6"
          •    Depth: 14.6"
          •    Weight: 32.4 lbs.
          •    Manufacturer Part Number: 952957

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