Empirical Labs

Empirical Labs EL 500

$ 499.00

Empirical Labs EL500
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Empirical Labs EL500 Empirical Labs EL500 Empirical Labs EL500 Empirical Labs EL500 Empirical Labs

Empirical Labs

Empirical Labs EL 500

$ 499.00

    • The Empirical Labs EL 500 is a rack-mount, horizontal, 500 Series, 2 Slot Rack.  As far as value, it’s hard to beat 500 Series compatible modules.  Their smaller physical size let you get a lot of performance out of a smaller space, they tend to cost less than their larger counterparts, and – the best part – you can customize your own combinations of them.

      When ELI started making our own 500 series products, we looked at the power supplies on the market and couldn’t help but notice a need for a better single height dual module rack unit.  On other single height rack units, the modules protrude from the front panel, and don’t look sturdy or attractive. Power supplies were often noisy, frequently reducing the performance of any module mounted in them.  Also, only XLR ins and outs were provided to the user, limiting the device’s applications.

      Download the Empirical Labs EL500 Owner's Manual

       Empirical Labs EL500 Owner's Manual

      The Empirical Labs EL500 rack eliminates these obstacles.  At the heart of the unit is a super quiet power supply – over 30 dB quieter than some supplies we’ve seen – that will ensure optimal performance from any compatible device.

      All 500 series modules will flush mount cleanly in the EL500, providing a much more professional look and feel. The EL500 offers both XLR and phone rear panel inputs and outputs to allow it to interface perfectly with any system.

      In addition, a ¼” instrument preamp/direct box input is provided on the front panel, which will automatically switch the left 500 module’s input to this front phone jack once something is plugged into it – a feature we’re sure will prove to be extremely useful. In fact, it has become the first call bass DI for many engineers.  Switches to link compressors and engage a 48V phantom supply are also provided.

      Whether you’re already invested in 500 series modules or they’re something you’re thinking about adding to your arsenal, the EL500 rack will make any 500 series compatible module perform ideally and interface effortlessly into just about any audio application.

      Layman's Terms:

      The Empirical Labs EL 500 is a rack-mount, horizontal, 500 Series, 2-Slot Rack.  Most any type of single space, 500 Series module works great in the EL500.  The built in power supply is super quiet and the 1/4" direct input comes in handy along with being about to stereo link compressor modules together.  

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