Equitech Power

Equitech Model Q

$ 5,170.00

Equitech Model Q
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Equitech Power

Equitech Model Q

$ 5,170.00

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      *Equitech Model 2RQ (20 Amp - Black Faceplate) are Built to Order and generally IN STOCK

      *Equitech Model 1.5RQ (15 Amp) are Special Order.

      *Any Equitech Models with Silver Faceplate are Special Order

      *Free Shipping and No Sales Tax.

      *Equitech Model 2RQ ship within 3-7 days after order is complete and payment as cleared.

       ***There are No Returns on Equitech Power Units

      Clean Power in a recording studio...may it be home, private or a commercial recording environment might be the last thing people think about when it comes to obtaining low-noise, detailed recordings. The power that is supplied to your studio is just as important if not more important than a boutique microphone, preamp or outboard piece of equipment.

      Equitech Model Q model 1.5R has a 1500 Watt capacity and plugs into any standard 15-amp 120-volt - Available in Black or Silver Faceplate 

      Having balanced, clean power is part of what I believe are the true necessities to any great recording studio.  The Equitech Model Q is ideal for recording, mixing or mastering. Low-noise in a studio equates to more clarity. Having balanced power helps your gear...no matter how much or little you own.  The Equitech Model Q supports your gear to operate at its fullest capacity. 

      For example, the material used in the Equitech Model Q transformer core is made of a state-of-the-art magnetic steel alloy and none is spared in fabrication.  The core material is the most efficient there is, nevertheless the Model Q transformer has twice the mass of similarly rated competitive products.  It drives amplifiers and other high current pulse type loads without skipping a beat.  Power factor remains virtually stable regardless of the type of demand load.  Mil spec oxygen free copper is used throughout the Model Q assembly to further reduce random high frequency current distortion.  This improves an already near perfect mirror image output and further widens its range of noise attenuation. The Model Q’s switches and circuit breakers are the finest made and they are duty rated for over 1/2 million operations.

      Equitech Model Q at Pro Audio Boutique

      On the rear panel, there are 12 AC outlets provided... One GFCI outlet is independent from the front standby switch(s) and is constantly left turned on for use with components that require continuous power for a clock or to maintain volatile memory. Of the 10 remaining outlets, 6 (white) are for analog components such as amplifiers and pre amps and 4 (gray) are specially filtered outlets for digital components. A circuit breaker on the rear panel protects the system from overload and from potential short circuit fire hazards in electrical power cords and downstream connected equipment. Equitech Model Q Rear Connections

    • • High Power Factor — Regardless of how clean AC power provided for sensitive electronics may be, the instant that component power switches are turned on, the quality of AC power degenerates.  This is simply the nature of what are termed “non-linear reactive loads.”  When non-linear power supplies are energized, some measure of power is wasted and reflected back out onto the line.  This undesirable and noisy form of energy (harmonics) is then shared by every other component on the system.  Furthermore, voltage and current phases are knocked out of sync too and this is what is referred to as low power factor.  Electricity by its nature requires both current and voltage to be present at the same time or nothing happens.  In AC power, current and voltage must be timed together in sync or to the degree they are not, nothing happens.  As the power factor drops lower and lower, electricity thins out very much like cheaper gasoline and equipment performance suffers.  Generally speaking, the greater the load (e.g. large amplifiers) the lower the resulting power factor. 

      • Ultra Low Impedance — The ultra-low impedance design of the Model Q transformer provides unrestricted current delivery to its output and virtually busts the “myth” that transformers cannot handle high amplitude current transients demanded by amplifiers and other types of high current pulse loads.  Unlike typical transformers that are often considered to be “too current restricting” (and rightfully so,) Model Q transformers have been engineered with radical modifications made to their core and winding specifications which result in a transformer that has uncommonly low impedance and unrestricted current handling characteristics. 

      • 100% Passive Circuitry — There are no active components used in any Equi=Tech product.  There is nothing that will degrade from heat over time or from years of rugged use.  Similar systems may use semiconductor devices to drive their outputs or soft start relays to compensate for a low quality isolation transformer with high inrush current — not ours!  There is nothing in an Equi=Tech system to wear out over time from heavy use or from heat.  We invest the cost of building our systems where it belongs, in well designed high quality components. 

      • High Efficiency — Equi=Tech systems are the most efficient of their kind.  This means that very little power is inefficiently wasted when powering electronic components.  Even when driven hard, they generate very little heat and they are barely warm to the touch.  They draw very little power in idle mode and can be left turned on indefinitely, ready to meet extreme power demands in an instant.  In operational mode, they waste almost no power drawing approximately what they put out. 

      • Magnetic and Faraday Shielding — These indispensable features are included in every Equi=Tech product.  The Faraday shields isolate noise from the outside world as well as protect the system’s output and connected load components from potentially destructive voltage spikes. The magnetic shield assures that electronics used in close proximity will be unaffected by magnetic stray field radiation.

      • Oxygen-free copper wire— Mil Spec. oxygen-free copper wire is used throughout the entire AC distribution section of every Model “Q”.  Hand-made OFC jumper wires and wiring harnesses are used exclusively in their assembly.  OFC wire reduces high frequency micro current distortion that is commonly present in conventional copper or silver wired circuits.  This further extends the effective bandwidth of noise attenuation.

      • Filtered Digital Equipment Outlets — These outlets provide additional high frequency noise attenuation and isolation for switching power supplies typically found in digital electronics. 

      • Unswitched Outlet — An entire system of components can be turned on and off from the front panel by using the front standby switch(s).

      • Quality Tested — Equi=Tech products have been tested and certified to meet the most rigorous and demanding of all power industry standards for Class A (high voltage) power distribution equipment.  No one other than Equi=Tech offers a balanced power system that meets the design criteria and safety testing procedures required in this standard.  Since Equi=Tech started the balanced power revolution in the early 90’s, we remain the only balanced power manufacturer committed to meeting high performance and safety standards required by discriminating professionals in many technical fields.

      • Lifetime Warranty — Only Equi=Tech offers a lifetime warranty on the most expensive component and heart of the system, the power isolation transformer.  We are so confident that our systems will last a lifetime, we offer this transformer replacement warranty for as long as the original chassis remains in tact; and it’s the only transferable warranty of its kind.  If for any reason (other than abuse) the transformer fails, we will replace it at our expense and charge only for nominal shipping and handling cost

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