Equitech Power

Equitech Son of Q

$ 2,750.00

Equitech Son of Q
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Equitech Power

Equitech Son of Q

$ 2,750.00

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    • *Equitech Model 1.5R (15 amp Black Faceplate) are Built to Order and are generally IN STOCK.

      *Equitech Model 2R (20 amp) are Special Order.

      *Any Equitech Models with Silver Faceplate are Special Order

      *Free Shipping and No Sales Tax.

      *Equitech Model 1.5R ship within 3-7 days after order is complete and payment as cleared.

       ***There are No Returns on Equitech Power Units

      Clean Power in a recording studio...may it be home, private or a commercial recording environment might be the last thing people think about when it comes to obtaining low-noise, detailed recordings. The power that is supplied to your studio is just as important if not more important than a boutique microphone, preamp or outboard piece of equipment.

      Equitech Son of Q model 1.5R has a 1500 Watt capacity and plugs into any standard 15-amp 120-volt Outlet

      Equitech Son of Q model 2R has a 2000 Watt capacity and plugs into any 20-amp 120-volt Outlet

      Equitech Son of Q model 1.5R and 2R - Available in Black or Silver Faceplate 

      Having balanced, clean power is part of what I believe are the true necessities to any great recording studio.  The Equitech Balanced Rackmount Power Units consist of two models:  The Equitech Son of Q and Equitech Model Q.  The Equitech Son of Q is ideal for tracking and mixing.  Low-noise in a studio equates to more clarity.  Having balanced power helps your gear...no matter how much or little you own function to it's fullest capacity. 

      If you check out the inside of the Son of Q, you can see for yourself how well made these systems truly are.  There is no skimping on how Son of Qs are designed and built.  All Son of Q models use isolation transformers with an enormous mass that rival competitors’ products with twice the current rating.  Son of Q transformers are designed to operate with an extremely low impedance and an extremely low magnetic flux density.  This means that under load, they operate with a lot of magnetic headroom left in reserve so they can transfer current quickly upon demand to amplifier power supplies when a large transient occurs.

      On the rear panel, there are 12 outlets provided.  A GFCI outlet is independent from the front standby switch and is constantly left turned on for use with A/V components that require continuous power for a clock or to maintain memory.  Of the 10 remaining outlets, 6 (white) are for analog components such as amplifiers and pre amps and 4 (gray) are specially filtered outlets for digital components.  A circuit breaker on the rear panel protects the system from overload and from potential short circuit fire hazards in electrical power cords and downstream connected equipment.

      There are just a couple of factors that determine which Equitech Unit is right for you. A lot of it depends on how much and the type of gear that currently occupies your studio or home listening environment. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions about Equitech Balanced Power Units.

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