Placid Audio

Placid Audio Copperphone

$ 259.99

Placid Audio Copperphone
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Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio

Placid Audio

Placid Audio Copperphone

$ 259.99

        • Laymen's Terms:

          The Placid Audio Copperphone is the brain child of Polyphonic Spree Bass Player Mark Pirro.  Hand-Built with super high quality parts in Texas by Mark himself.  This is truly a one of a kind, esoteric, boutique microphone in today's professional audio market.  The Copperphone was not made to give you that beautiful, full-bodied vocal sound of your dreams....well maybe if your dreams take place in the 1920's or 30's. Ok...to get right to it. The Placid Audio Copperphone gives you that perfect Old Time "A.M." Radio sound on anything you put in front of it.  With todays modern recording and mixing techniques, this well-known "A.M." sound is used in a wide variety of popular music genres and productions. I personally use the "A.M." tonality on lead and background vocals and effects like delays quite a bit on rock and pop projects.  

          So why not just put an "A.M." Radio Emulation Plug-in on your tracks to get the effect after you record it... or tweak your Eq with steep, low and hi pass filters and sharp boosts in the midrange to emulate the same sound. I guess we could say the same thing on why we ultimately prefer a real EMT 140 Plate Reverb over the plug-in version if it's available.  Why does a 1176 hardware compressor just sound a bit better than the 1176 plug-in version. Because real wires and guts give you that true analog sound.  Capturing the performance, at the microphone with the "A.M." radio effect in the signal chain is something that is real. There is no plug-in that can emulate the natural resonance of the chamber when someone is singing or playing an instrument into the copperphone live.  

          A little tip though...try using the Copperphone along side one of your favorite high end vocal/instrument mics (tube condenser, ribbon..whatever you prefer) and then fine tune and blend the two microphones to your liking.

          Check out the samples below to hear the Placid Audio Copperphone. 

          All samples have been recorded with a Shure sm58 for A/B comparisons. Samples with the sm58 always appear first in the sequence, followed by the same performance through the Copperphone.

          For Gear Heads:

          The Placid Audio Copperphone is a Passive, magnetic moving coil transducer...that is a mouth full...in short... it is a real cool dynamic microphone. The Coppphone is unlike any microphone in today's pro audio market.  The Copperphone gives you the Old Time, "A.M." tone on anything you put it in front of.  Use it on ...vocals, instruments from drums, electric guitars, piano or anything else you can think of.  Check out the sound clips above to get a better idea of the unique tone the Copperphone has to offer.

        • Coppperphone Specs

          Polar Pattern: Cardioid
          Type: Dynamic
          Frequency Response: 200Hz – 3kHz
          Impedance: 150 ohms
          Output: 115 +/- 2dB SPL @ 1 kHz
          Dimensions: 2.5 inch x 6 inch
          Weight: 1.75 lbs.

          Copperphone Features

          Passive magnetic moving coil transducer
          Tuned ported resonant chamber
          High quality Switchcraft 3 pin XLR connector
          Rugged copper housing and components
          Handcrafted in the U.S.A
          Lifetime operational warranty
          Adjustable aircraft aluminum mounting bracket to fit North American style stands (will fit European style stands with common threaded adapter)