Softube Intellijel Rubicon Modular Expansion

$ 44.99 $ 35.99

Softube Intellijel Rubicon Modular Expansion
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Softube Intellijel Rubicon Modular Expansion Softube Intellijel Rubicon Modular Expansion Softube Intellijel Rubicon Modular Expansion Softube Intellijel Rubicon Modular Expansion


Softube Intellijel Rubicon Modular Expansion

$ 44.99 $ 35.99

    • For Gear Heads:

      The Rubicon is an analog triangle core VCO that is capable of thru-zero frequency modulation. It is a feature packed VCO with multiple simultaneous waveform outputs, including waves that are multiples or divisions of the base frequency.

      The thru-zero frequency modulation of Rubicon is ideal for experimenting with FM synthesis. Rubicon is an analog VCO design masterpiece, originially created by Dave Dixon with Intellijel. It is a unique Eurorack module, now offered as an add-on module for Modular.

        In Short

        • High precision emulated Triangle core
        • Switchable linear and (for the first time in any module) exponential TZFM (through-zero FM)
        • Linear index VCA for dynamic control of TZFM depth
        • Symmetry control (full clockwise is normal, full counter-clockwise gives reversed waveforms, centered the VCO is at 0 Hz) with CV
        • 12 primary waveform types: sine, sigmoid, double sigmoid, triangle, saw, double saw, zigzag, square, pulse (center modulated), pulse (edge modulated), double pulse
        • Suboctave circuit with -1 and -2 octaves. The suboctave output is affected by fm just like the main signals
        • Soft sync (also known as reversing sync) with attenuator
        • Hard sync with selectable reset direction (determines if the triangle starts moving up or down after a reset, very useful in LFO mode)
        • Pulse-width modulation and exponential FM with dedicated attenuators
        • Requires Modular


        • Version 2.0 of the Softube plug-ins have the following minimum requirements.

          All native versions

          • Mac OS X 10.8 or newer
          • Windows 8 or newer, Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit)
          • Intel Core Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or newer
          • Screen resolution larger than 1280x800
          • 1 GB RAM or more, and at least 900 MB hard disk space
          • Any VST, VST3, AU, or AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.7, 11.0.2 or higher) compatible host application
          • iLok License Manager (iLok USB key is NOT required)
          • Broadband internet access for downloading installer and register licenses.

          All Softube plug-ins support both 32- and 64-bit hosts and operating systems. Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, in both mono and stereo.

          Please, make sure that you always use the latest iLok License Manager. It is not included in the Softube installer, but can be downloaded from www.ilok.com.

          AAX DSP version

          Windows XP and Vista are no longer officially supported.
          TDM/VENUE is no longer supported (old downloads are available on the Legacy Installers page).