Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic Sigma

$ 4,799.00

Solid State Logic Sigma
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Solid State Logic Sigma Solid State Logic Sigma Solid State Logic Sigma Solid State Logic Sigma Solid State Logic Sigma Solid State Logic Sigma

Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic Sigma

$ 4,799.00

      • Laymen's Terms:

        The Solid State Logic Sigma is a remote controllable, 16 Channel (Mono) 32 Channel (Stereo), Analog summing mixer that has 2 Stereo Mix Busses, Direct Outputs, and Talkback.  It's mix buss design comes from the iconic Duality and AWS SSL Series of Consoles.  You are really getting a ultra-sophisticated summing mixer with up to 16 Channels In (mono) or 32 Channels (stereo) with complete total recall.  I personally can not imagine not being able to sum or mix on some kind of analog console or summing mixer these days.  I think summing and/or mixing analog is essential to improving your mixes and your skills has a mix engineer.  But in today's recording industry, the need for total recall and mix changes is a necessity (unless you can convince the band to sign off on the mixes early...which is pretty rare).  Sigma is really cool in the fact that upon start up of your DAW, all your settings are completely recalled on Sigma including all routing.  This really is a plus, especially if you are changing things like panning quite often from mixing song to song. We carry a couple of different summing options here at Pro Audio Boutique. If you are in the market, this is definitely a very cool summing mixer to consider. 

         Need a copy of the Solid State Logic Sigma Install Manual or Owners Manual click and download below:

        Solid State Logic Sigma Install Guide

        Solid State Logic Sigma Owner's Manual

        For Gear Heads:

        Sigma seamlessly brings the analogue joy of mixing on an SSL console into your DAW dominated workflow. Using MDAC technology unique to SSL, Sigma takes the SuperAnalogue mix buss from SSL's Duality and AWS consoles and delivers it in a 2U rack design, with complete remote control of the analogue signal path, using a hardware control surface and/or volume automation written inside your DAW. Now anyone who can drive a DAW can mix on an SSL.

        Consistent feedback from the world's leading producers demonstrates that analogue summing still brings a record together in a special way that no emulation plug-in can match. Sigma and SSL's no-compromise approach to designing audio circuits, delivers summing with an extended low-end frequency response, wide stereo imaging, clarity, depth and detail. When it comes to sonic tone and character many leading engineers state that a significant part of their 'sound' is the magic that happens when you drive the analogue mix buss of a console a little too hard...that delicate cohesive distortion only a pushed analogue mix buss brings their mixes. This is exactly the case with Sigma. It is at its best when pushed to that "sweet spot", to the point where it yields that extra sonic dimension which has always been part of the legendary SSL sound.

        SSL Sigma combines its true analogue tone and depth with complete integration into a DAW dominated workflow. In today's commercial environment, fast turnaround of productions, with multiple mix tweaks and revisions, engineers and producers depend upon instant recall of all their settings. Sigma meets this demand. As Sigma's levels are driven from your DAW, the mix recalls instantly upon session load. Furthermore, every setting on Sigma itself (Mix Buss routing, monitoring section and settings) can be saved and recalled at the click of a button.

        The Solid State Logic Sigma also features a dual output monitor and headphone switcher and talkback system which is completely remote controllable. Sigma is set up using a cross platform, tablet ready html 5 software browser that offers comprehensive configuration controls. Running on an iPad or other tablet the browser also performs as a superb remote control for the monitor switcher/talkback.

      • Advanced DAW automation driven SSL SuperAnalogue mix engine
        Works with all major DAW's including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton Live

        16 flexible channels individually switchable between stereo or mono for up to 32

        channels at mixdown 2 stereo mix busses with individual stereo insert points
        Independent Main and Alternate Monitor outputs

        Direct outputs on all channels

        Talkback facility with adjustable Dim level

        Intuitive cross platform set-up and configuration software interface

        High speed External MIDI control via single Ethernet cable